About Our Practice

Physical Therapist Dr. Efrat (Effie) Rebish, DPT, OTS has a Bachelor of Physical Therapy degree from Tel-Aviv University and has also completed more than 900 hours of post-graduate coursework in the fields of orthopedics, osteopathy and neurology.

Since 1989, Effie has worked as a physical therapist in Israel and the United States in the following areas: pain management, orthopedics, mainly spine, neurology, sports injuries, vestibular and balance disorders, electrotherapy and osteopathy.

Moving Forward has been created to meet the needs of patients with chronic pain and to enable people to return to gainful employment and full, personal lifestyles. It is our belief that medical pain management and various neuromuscular afflictions should be integrated with the total Emotional treatment to reinforce both outcomes.

Moving Forward is devoting to treat the source of the pain and teach how to C.O.P.E (Control Over the Pain Experience).

The weight of PT treatment and emotional PsT will be equal, in order to eliminate unnecessary fear of stigma.

We will:

Provide service of physical therapy in conjunction with psychotherapy.
Resolving unresolved, long term Somato-Emotional symptoms.
Our goal is to be the natural, first choice of the people and physicians when a need in a comorbid- somato-emotional therapy


The state of the art and cutting edge in treating chronic pain.

Success will be measured by statistical data, market positioning and brand reputation by measuring high rate of success.